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Speck 15" SeeThru Case for MacBook Pro 15.4” (Raspberry) (2011 Model)

  • Speck 15" SeeThru Case for MacBook Pro 15.4” (Raspberry) (2011 Model) - topsystems
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The raspberry 15” SeeThru Case from Speck is designed for MacBook Pro to add extra protection. This hard-shell MacBook case snaps onto your laptop in 2 pieces, holds it securely, and is removable. This case has added details like vent slots for heat disbursement and rubberized feet for stability.

Note: Not compatible with Retina display models

Fits MacBook Pro black keys/late-2008 and newer models
Raspberry color with a crystal-candy finish
On-the-go protection with a form-fitting and glossy hard shell that keeps scuffs and scratches at bay
Rubberized feet and vent slots keep your MacBook away from overheating
Sleek design and lightweight 2-piece design is easy to snap on and off

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