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HILDA 21V Electric Saw Cordless Mini Handheld Chain Saw for Makita Battery Rotary Tool

  • HILDA 21V Electric Saw Cordless Min - Shop at topsystems.gr
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HILDA 21V Electric Saw Cordless Mini Handheld Chain Saw for Makita Battery Rotary Tool for Cutting Woodworking Tools


Product NameMini Portable Handheld Chain Saw
Saw TypeChain Saw
Rated VoltageAC 100-240V
Charger TypeEU plug
Guide Plate TypeSprocket
Guides4 inch guide plate
Guide plate length
Fast charge1.5(3) hours
Chain speed5m/s
Battery type21V 1500mAh for Makita interface
A: One battery electric saw(paper box pack)
B: Two batteries electric saw(paper box pack)
C: One battery electric saw(plastic box)
D: Two batteries electric saw(plastic box)


- Easy to operate with OHE hand: The machine is light and compact and can be operated with one hand, which is very convenient.

- Battery wildcard market interface.

- Have safety sawdust shield.

- Have safety switch and LED light.


Please note that the color red/black will send in random.

The battery is for Makita interface. You need to check whether the battery interface is compatible.

Package Included:(optional)

Type Quantity
A(paper box pack)

1 × Handheld Chain Saw

1 × Battery

B(paper box pack)

1 × Handheld Chain Saw

2 × Battery

C(plastic box)

1 × Handheld Chain Saw

1 × Battery

D(plastic box)

1 × Handheld Chain Saw

2 × Battery

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